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Code of Conduct

The main purpose of Cowtown Comic Con is for the attendees to have fun, and to achieve this goal, Cowtown Comic Con has established rules of conduct. These rules were created to ensure the behavior of any one individual or group of attendees does not disturb the enjoyment of another attendee, nor detract from the comfortable atmosphere of the event. Cowtown Comic Con welcomes everyone; however, Cowtown Comic Con reserves the right to deny or revoke the attendance of any individual, when an individual's presence or behavior causes significant interference with event operations or adversely affects the organization's relationship with its guests or with its venue. Cowtown Comic Con also reserves the right to amend these rules at any time without prior or posted notice. If you have any questions, please contact the event operations staff for assistance. Anyone who accepts a Cowtown Comic Con ticket or wristband agrees to abide by our Code of Conduct.

General Rating of the Event

Cowtown Comic Con dignifies itself on presenting an atmosphere that is comfortable for fans of all ages. Cowtown Comic Con attendees are expected to act accordingly. All event areas are considered for everyone.

Attendance by Minors

Cowtown Comic Con strives to maintain an environment that is safe and enjoyable for attendees of all ages. Cowtown Comic Con will not take responsibility for the actions of individual attendees, nor will Cowtown Comic Con assume responsibility for minors. A minor is defined as a person under 18 years of age who has not been legally emancipated from his or her parents. Cowtown Comic Con will not assume any responsibility over any minor.

Firearm Policy

Cowtown Comic Con does not allow the possession of any firearms into our event. Open Carry/CHL/LTC or any other combination does not grant permission to bring a firearm onto the premises. Unless you are previously approved Security/Staff for Cowtown Comic Con, please do not bring a firearm into the building. The only exception to this rule will be for off duty peace officers, as we legally cannot deny off duty peace officers entry, solely due to their possession of a firearm.

Weapons Policy

Prop weapons are welcome but must be checked in with security promptly upon arrival. No real weapons, or any item that can be easily mistaken for a weapon, may be carried either openly or concealed at any time in the event space, regardless of any concealed carry permits. You must check in any items deemed as potential weapons, with our event staff, or be prepared to return the item to your car. Cowtown Comic Con Staff will not be held accountable in any way for them. Cowtown Comic Con reserves the right to inspect all items coming into and out of Cowtown Comic Con event areas. Cowtown Comic Con may not be held responsible for any item damaged or otherwise affected.

Sales of Merchandise

The offering for sale of any merchandise at the event may be undertaken only in the vendor area or by special arrangement with the Cowtown Comic Con staff. All sales will be governed by the rules applicable to the approved vendors. Anyone wishing to sell merchandise must first obtain approval from Cowtown Comic Con staff.

Personal Conduct in Event Areas and in Public Areas

There is no smoking or vaping in any portion of the convention center. Our hosts respectfully request that those who step outside to smoke kindly refrain from standing directly in front of any of the entrances, as the smoke is carried inside. Please remember that you are a guest at the convention center. Please maintain a level of noise appropriate to the time and place. We expect everyone to cooperate fully with Cowtown Comic Con staff, convention staff, and any local security or law enforcement personnel. "Disorderly conduct" includes any fighting, any inappropriate horseplay, or any actions that may disturb or disrupt the event.


Cowtown Comic Con provides a safe, welcoming, and harassment-free event experience for everyone. This protection is all-encompassing, and covers all characteristics, including, but not limited to a person's: sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, color, religion, national origin, age, political affiliation, social aptitude, and speech impediments. Anyone from any lifestyle is welcome at Cowtown Comic Con. Harassment of any kind, including but not limited to physical assault, sexual assault, sexual harassment, battery, deliberate intimidation, stalking, harassing photography or recording, or unwelcome physical attentions, will not be tolerated. If a person says "no" or asks you to leave them alone, you must do so. If you continue to provide unwelcome attention you may be removed from the premises. If an individual stalks, harasses, or attempts to assault you at our event, please report that individual to a member of the event staff as soon as possible, and appropriate action will be taken. If you witness harassment occurring, please encourage the victim to report it to event staff. This prohibition against harassment applies to not only attendees, but also to the event staff, volunteers, vendors, and guests. Cowtown Comic Con staff will be happy to help participants contact venue security or local law enforcement, or assist those experiencing harassment to feel safe at Cowtown Comic Con.

Substance Abuse

The sale or distribution of any illegal or controlled substances is prohibited at Cowtown Comic Con, and alcoholic beverages will not be sold at the event. Cowtown Comic Con asks that alcoholic beverages be consumed outside of the event, and not taken into any event spaces.

Use of Video and Media Relations

Cowtown Comic Con attendees, vendors, guests, and staff may be photographed or otherwise recorded by other attendees, vendors, or Cowtown Comic Con staff. By accepting a Cowtown Comic Con ticket or wristband, you are consenting to having your image published. If you prefer not to have your picture taken, please inform the Cowtown Comic Con staff. Cowtown Comic Con encourages attendees to share photographs of their event experience on personal web pages as well as the Cowtown Comic Con web page.


Participants at the Cowtown Comic Con event are granting their permission to be photographed by the official Cowtown Photographer Kaitlin Hays. By attending our event, you inherently grant Cowtown Comic Con permission to use such images or footage for archival, commercial, or promotional purposes. If you do not wish to grant this permission, please inform Cowtown Comic Con staff or security.

Payments to Cowtown Comic Con

Cowtown Comic Con accepts cash and credit card payments through our registration system. We will attempt to resolve any dispute involving a credit card payment to Cowtown Comic Con following the tenets of good faith and fair dealing. Vendors who have an outstanding balance due to Cowtown Comic Con must settle that balance before being permitted to attend the event.

Miscellaneous Notes

The standards of conduct for Cowtown Comic Con will be strictly enforced by the Cowtown Comic Con security volunteers who will be clearly identified as such on site. Please remember that your wristbands are property of Cowtown Comic Con for the duration of the event and must be presented to any Staff member requesting it. We make every attempt to be fair, but we cannot tolerate behavior that threatens the peace and well-being of our attendees or organization. We thank our attendees for their past cooperation and for their continued assistance in making this a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Have fun and please be courteous of those around you.

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DICKIES ARENA - 1911 Montgomery St. Fort Worth, Texas 76107
Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm      
Sunday 10:00am-4:00pm
Saturday VIP Entrance 9:30am                             Sunday VIP Entrance 9:30am
Daily Parking $20.00 Per Day

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